Head Coach

In order for you to be the of a team you will need to be Development 1 - Certified. The first step in the process is to become Development 1 - Trained by completing the following:

In order for a Coach to become Development 1 - Certified you will need to do the following upon completion of their Development 1 clinic:

  1. Complete the Make Ethical Decision (MED) Online Evaluation
  2. Complete the Development 1 Post Task Workbook
  3. Develop an Emergency Action Plan - Can be found in the Post Task Workbook
  4. A field evaluation completed by a qualified branch evaluator

Coaches who complete the Development 1 clinic and become Development 1 - Trained in the current season will be considered "in process" and will be eligible for a role that requires Development 1 - Certified for that season only. You will be expected to have completed the trained to certified process to be eligible for future seasons.

Assistant Coach

In order for you to be the of a team you will need to be Development 1 - Trained by completing the following:

  • HU - Checking - Prerequisite for the Development 1 Clinic
  • Development 1 Clinic
    • Please ensure you have Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) selected in the drop down menus