For terminology purposes, VSC and VSS are one and the same document.

Please check your new Hockey Canada Registry (HCR 3.0) account and verify that your Criminal Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening Check (CRC/VSC) qualification is up to date and not expiring May 1, 2021.  For Officials 18 years and over, failure to have an updated VSC will prevent you from registering to re-certify for the 2021-2022 season.

In your HCR profile, you will find status, including expiry date in the ‘CRC’ tab. If your expiration date is prior to the 2021-22 season, you must obtain and submit a new Vulnerable Sector Screening Check (VSC) to the OHF office before you will be allowed access to the program.

Note: A VSC is only required once on your Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) profile.  If your VSC has Expired, then you need to provide a Criminal Record Check.

  • On-Ice Officials aged 17 and under will Not be required to provide a Criminal Record Check.  If you turn 18 during the season, it is your responsibility to follow up with a VSC to the OHF office.
  • On-Ice Officials aged 18 years and over must provide a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check (VSC).
  • When requesting the VSC, you may be required to provide a letter to your local police service. Receipts are acceptable as suitable for submission, if you have initiated the process of obtaining the VSC.
  • If your HCR profile indicates your VSC expiry beyond the 2021-22 season, you must complete in full, sign and submit the Criminal Offence Declaration Form to the OHF Office.

Please ensure submission of your VSC or Criminal Offence Declaration Form through the following method:

Scan and email:

When submitting via email or scan (PDF) and it is not deemed a true copy, submission of the original will be requested (no pictures will be accepted).

OHF letter - Request to Police Service for VSC

CRC/VSS Officiating Process

Criminal Offence Declaration